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Asset Recovery
SPlus has an established track record for providing quick turn-around times and consistent Asset Recovery rates for our customers. Whether it is excess product, customer returns, overstock or damaged; SPlus can direct these items into the market that will create the highest possible Asset Recovery.

The perfect partner to a well-run asset recovery program is accurate receipt, monitored flow and on-time reporting. With our proprietary software, we are able to receive, track, sort, report and settle each customer program with clarity and detail. 

Based on the customer's financial and operational objectives, SPlus implements a results-oriented Go-To-Market strategy. This allows the customer and SPlus to collaboratively target specific sales channels to generate optimal Asset Recovery rates in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Optimal Recovery Rates
  • Secondary Market Expertise
  • Targeted Sales Channels
  • Quick Turn-Around Time
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