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Our customers can confidently rely on SPlus for best Recycling Services to triage and insure that all materials that need to be destroyed - will be destroyed in full compliance with EPA standards and laws, including WEEE Directive and the RCRA – Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

At SPlus, we are serious about our commitment to the EPA compliance. Every year, our company goes through a very intensive audit that inspects each process which we have for environmental impact, compliance, as well as workplace safety. 

“What’s downstream and why is it important?” 

No manufacturer wants to see their product on the news after being found rotting in some lake or landfill. This is exactly why downstream information is so vital in tracking a product from first sale to its final resting place.

SPlus understands that Recycling Services is a very important piece to the product life-cycle. We offer downstream implementation and documentation for our customers that require this very important step in assuring that all products are properly dispositioned.
  • Annual Environmental Audits
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Downstream Trackablity
  • Global EPA Compliance
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